Everest begins quest for ‘world-class facility’ status


The executives of the Everest Cricket Club (ECC) are in the embryonic stage of streamlining illustrious plans to develop the facility for more than just cricket. The total cost for renovation is in the vicinity of G$25 million.

Newly-elected President Manzoor Nadir made the revelation on Saturday, during an appreciation lunch for donors and other supporters of the club at the Main Pavillion.

With the aim of becoming a “world-class” facility, Nadir, while not divulging the finer details of the plan, stated they intend to place lights to allow for night cricket. This project would cost G$10 million.

Tony Subraj (left) and Jay Jinarine were inducted as lifetime club members by former president Rajesh Singh (centre). Former national cricketer Lennox Cush was also given lifetime membership

Additionally, the executives plan to construct a home for hockey and refurbish the existing Lawn Tennis Court, under the stewardship of national player Anthony Downes, who will captain the club’s team. This will add to the existing squash and table tennis facilities.

Compliments of Tony Subraj of the George Subraj and Zara Foundation, and Jay Jinarine of Jay All-State Insurance Foundation, a heavy duty roller and lawn mower have been acquired.

According to Nadir, this is just the beginning as “Everest never rests.” Since the acquisition of the machinery, Nadir explained they have seen improvement in the pitch and outfield.

Meanwhile, telecommunications company V-Net Communications has pledged to undertake a complete overhaul of the current media area.

Former President Rajesh Singh used the opportunity to appeal for more support from the corporate community, given the expansive areas for branding.

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