Father blames negligence at GPHC for death of baby


A baby died in its mother’s womb on Saturday, April 20 at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the father of the child is blaming carelessness on the part of the hospital.

The baby would have been the first child for 22-year-old Pernel James and his wife.

James of ‘C’ Field Sophia, told News Room his wife, 31 weeks pregnant, was admitted to the hospital in mid-March. He said the hospital first began administering medication to control his wife’s high blood pressure.

“They [began] giving her [an] injection and this injection is to help develop the baby lungs, so I say okay! And what else and he [doctor] explained to me, how…there is a 50/50 chance that the baby will survive with this injection or the mother will survive,” James said.

He said the doctors told him they were also giving his wife medication so she could wait another three weeks before they induce labour.

According to James, he was confused when doctors told him they would try to save the mother instead and that him and his wife can “always make another baby.”

He said this did not sound right to him and that the hospital staff treated him like a little boy, refusing to share information with him.

“Nobody didn’t tell we anything, we had to go on the internet and do it we self, and lucky that I had me mother,” James said.

Further, “Some of the nurse and one particular doctor was like, we can’t give you information and going on at a rate and so on.”

The father said when his wife called him to tell him the baby was not moving, he was in disbelief and did not think that given her condition she should be the one contacting him to tell him their baby died.

“The baby just died just so in she and they ain’t even know that the baby die,” the saddened father said.

He believes that his baby could have been saved if the nurses and doctors had done their job professionally.

He said at one time, one of the nurses even scolded his wife for not reminding her [the nurse] to give her [the wife] the medication.

“They lack of paying attention to the patients that really need to be focus on, especially for a pressure case. They wasn’t focus enough to allow a situation what happened cause this is me first child and they just allow it to past and nobody ain’t give us any information as to what happened,” James said.

According to the father, the baby was bleeding through its nose and had a swollen forehead. A post mortem is expected to be done on Friday.

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