Farmer Reynard Ward ‘thankful’ for new role as Parliamentarian


Farmer Reynard Ward, who grew up on the East Bank of Berbice to parents who are farmers, says he is thankful for his new role as a Member of Parliament and would use it to encourage young people to get into agriculture.

Ward was sworn in on Friday.

“When the news came to me, soon after I heard that it rained across Guyana.

“Rupununi got rain, Georgetown got rain, Berbice got rain, and from an agriculture background, that is great news for everyone, including the farmers,” Ward told reporters at Public Buildings.

“I am very thankful for this opportunity to serve the Parliament of Guyana.”

He said he recognised his role as Parliament as representing “those people whose voices can’t be heard “at the level which decisions would be made to make their lives different.”

Reynard Ward being sworn in as a Member of Parliament. [DPI photo]
Ward said that being someone with a background in agriculture, he would be looking to encourage job creation in the sector and ease rural to urban migration.

He said that his selection to be a Member of the National Assembly was representative of the Coalition government’s promise to involve young people at all levels.

He said that though young people may not have been prominent in government, they worked in the background and were “consulted on several occasions to make this coalition better.”


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