Family of Sheriff Street accident victim seeks justice


The family of a 48-year-old man killed in an accident on April 26, 2019, are calling for justice since the driver of the car involved in the accident is yet to be arrested or charged.

Deonarine Singh, known as Black Boy, of 45 Garnett St. Campbellville was struck down by motor car PVV 4552 on the corner of Sheriff and Garnett streets not far from his home. The father of three was crossing the road at around 22:00 hrs when he was struck down.

Singh had been missing for days; the family eventually identified him at the Georgetown Hospital Mortuary after conducting searches on their own with no assistance from the police.

Now, the man’s relatives are calling for action since the person responsible for the accident is still walking freely and was only charged for tint and number plate violations, the family said.

Priya, a niece of Singh, said her uncle was drinking on the night of the accident but not to the point of being totally intoxicated.

The father of three was crossing the road at around 22:00 hrs when he was struck down.

“He left to go downstairs to buy cigarettes [and] we didn’t see he come up back.

“They began a search for him the Friday night…they went to the police station and they said they didn’t get any report.

“They went to the Georgetown Hospital and they say no unidentified man was found either.”

It was the next Monday [April 29] that the family decided to ask the fast food restaurant located on the corner to have a look at its CCTV footage so as to ascertain what direction the man might have gone.

The family obtained footage which shows him running across the road while the traffic light was on green for that lane when the silver car struck him down.

The dead man’s family then made contact with the Hospital, which confirmed that an unidentified man was at the mortuary.

Singh’s relatives said they need justice since the driver of the car is still to be charged.

“Why we the family got to be doing the police work? We made a statement at Prashad Nagar Police Station and they said they would send it out to several police stations.

“They didn’t do anything.

“When we find this man at the mortuary on Monday, the Tuesday night I got a call from the Police at Brickdam asking me If we found that man that we were looking for because they now receive the report,” another relative said.

Reports are that the driver of the vehicle had turned himself into the Police and an internal investigation has been launched into the manner in which the accident report was handled.

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