Georgetown GP: Rahaman optimistic Guyanese can topple Jamaican Gore


By Akeem Greene

The day is fast approaching, hands are getting greasier and tensions are rising ahead of the highly anticipated 125cc Junior class at the Georgetown Grand Prix from 16:00h on Saturday at GT Motorsports.

For the Guyanese, their quest for the top spot on the podium has one road block- Jamaican Tommi Gore.

It is not the first time the son of Caribbean Motor Racing Champion Doug Gore will race in Georgetown, and recent encounters between him and the Guyanese has shaped the races in this category as must-see events.

Gore, along with six Guyanese, competed at the Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy in Barbados for three weekends over a three-month period earlier this year.

The Jamaican finished fourth overall, ahead of all the Guyanese, but he returns this occasion with the local group fully prepared to defend home territory.

“I know he [Gore] has drove [here] before, but we are going to beat him. This is home turf and we have been practicing a lot and I think could we could overthrow him here,” 125cc competitor Nathan Rahaman boasted on Wednesday.

Nathan Rahaman poses next to his kart

Twelve-year-old Nathan will be joined by Jeremy TenPow, Rayden Persaud, Paige Mendonca, Zachary Persaud and Elan Rahaman in the fight to put the Golden Arrowhead in first place.

Nathan, who has been involved in karting since the age of nine, moves out of the 60cc Kids Cup to the two-stroke of the 125cc, a challenge he is optimistic of conquering.

“It always good to look forward to race meet because you always have high hopes. Driving in Barbados helped a lot in practice and I am looking forward to it.”

“I feel I could do well here in Guyana. It is home turf and I am comfortable driving here and it will be tough competition after coming back from Barbados. I will be driving a new class too so I have to keep that in mind. I think have a fair chance of doing well,” Nathan conveyed.

Later breaking and more overtaking are some aspects Nathan plans to put on show given the usage of the compound tires.

Nathan’s experience of intense karting in Barbados makes him confident of producing a stellar performance on Saturday (Photo: Akeem Greene)

The Bishops’ High School lad admitted it will be a high pressure situation, but said he’s unfazed since the adrenaline rush at start of engine wipes the mind clean.

The grandson of Caribbean Motor Racing stalwart Jad Rahaman and son of another CMRC driver Ryan Rahaman, Nathan embraced the overwhelming support base, noting elder Rahamans assist in everything, from giving advice on lines to kart prep.

Valvoline, the Rahaman’s family brand

Powering the young talent is Sankar’s Auto Works under its Valvoline brand. On Wednesday the company made another financial presentation to him for which he expressed immense gratitude.

“Very appreciative. Valvoline has been a sponsor for three generations in the family and I am happy to be driving with their name alongside,” he stated.

E-Networks, Altitude Bar and Grill and Atlantic Marine Supplies are other sponsors.

The other categories at the Grand Prix will be the 60cc Kids Cup; 125cc, Seniors and Masters; Shifter Cup Pro and Easy Cup Rookie. Jamaican Colin Daley Jr and Zachary Boodram from Trinidad and Tobago will also compete.

According to the organisers, after qualifying karters will be gridded for three races: Race 1 (Best qualifying time); Race 2 (Based on Finish from Race 1 with Top 50% of the grid inverted); Race 3 (Based on 2nd best time from Race 1).

Race laps are 12, while in qualifying it will be five. There will be bonus two points for qualifying and bonus three for the fastest lap of the day.

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