‘Gun Youth’ killed execution style in East La Penitence


By Isanella Patoir

Police are investigating the murder of an East La Penitence, Georgetown man who was shot dead execution-style Monday night at about 20:30hrs a short distance away from the Police Station.

The man has been identified as Colin Hooper known as ‘Gun Youth’.

He lived with his fiancé, Sandra at Lot 53 East La Penitence for the past three years; his family said he was a contractor.

The News Room understands that one of Hooper’s sister, Tenisha Goodluck was in the vicinity of East La Penitence when she heard two gunshots; she was later told it was her brother who was shot to the head.

Hooper reportedly received two gunshot wounds; it appears as if he was on his knees when he was shot.

The area where the shooting occurred

Another sister, Nichola Goodluck told the News Room her brother was a loving person and was a family man.

“Last night about after 9, I was between sleep and wake when my phone rang and a girlfriend call me and said you hear anything about your brother get shot,” Nichola told the News Room.

Nichola said she then called her husband and asked him to call the East La Penitence Police Station to confirm that it was indeed Hooper who was shot.

“When he send through the picture to me, I said yes this is my brother and I was like hollering out for me sister,” Nichola said.

Nichola Goodluck told the News Room her brother was a loving person and was a family man.

Nichola said she does not know anyone who would want to harm her brother, however, she recalled that a few years ago he had “some problems” with a few youths in the area, but it was eventually settled after the Police became involved.

The sisters said they are still trying to piece together how their brother died.

Neighbours said they heard the gunshots but did not see anything unusual.

Hooper’s body is presently at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary and Police Headquarters is yet to release an official statement on the what occurred.

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