President Granger in process of submitting all declarations to Integrity Commission


President David Granger says he is yet to submit all of his declarations to the Integrity Commission but noted that he is in contact with the Commission.

“I am in touch with the Integrity Commission, I have written to them. I have not submitted all of my declarations. They are taking some time but I am in touch with them,” the Head of State told reporters Wednesday at the sidelines of an event at the Ministry of the Presidency.

He said the Commission is aware that he will submit his declarations soonest.

“I’ve had some challenges over that period of time but I’m actually working on it and the Commission is aware of my interest in ensuring they are submitted as soon as possible,” President Granger said.

The seventh list of defaulters from the Integrity Commission was published last weekend and contained 74 names inclusive of Chairman of the National Procurement & Tender Administration Board Berkley Wickham, Ministry of Finance officials and senior staff at the Guyana Elections Commission.

When questioned about those in Cabinet who are yet to submit, the President said that everyone is aware that they need to comply.

“As far as the cabinet is concerned, the general opinion or the general rule is that they should all comply so it is just a matter of time. Some of the details I think may have taken some members time. I cannot say if all of them are compliant. That is the policy of the Cabinet that every minister should comply.”

The President said he does not have a reason why others have not submitted their declarations.

According to the Integrity Commission Act, every person who is a person in public life, not being a member of the Commission, is required to file a declaration every year on or before June 30th and in cases where such persons cease to be a person in public life, within 30 days from the date on which the person ceases to be a person in public life.

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