Truck that killed child in Agricola on fire


The truck that crashed into a little girl on the Agricola Public Road, East Bank Demerara is now up in flames.

It is unclear how the truck caught fire. The driver was earlier caught and beaten by residents and later rescued by Police who placed him in custody.

The little girl was pinned under the truck on top of the road’s median Saturday afternoon.

She was identified as seven-year-old Ciara Benjamin of Kitty Georgetown.

Dead: Ciara Benjamin

The child died instantly after the truck crashed into her as she was waiting to cross the road with her babysitter, Simone Barry.

Gruesome photos of the child show her body pinned under the front of the truck as it rests on the median. When the truck was finally moved, the child’s body was in half.

The accident has caused a huge build-up in traffic. It is unclear at this time what caused the truck driver to crash into the child.

EDITOR’S  NOTE: This story initially stated that Simone Barry was the child’s aunt, when in fact Barry is her baby sitter. The News Room apologises for the error.

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