‘Get registered early’- GMR&SC urges Drag competitors


Get registered early.

That’s the message by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) to competitors ahead of the second round of the Local Drag Racing championship, set for June 23 at South Dakota.

Executive Committee Member of the GMR&SC, Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass, said the club is working to ensure the issues encountered during the first round are sorted, and that will require cooperation from the competitors in terms of confirming their participation early.

Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass

“We saw what happened at round one earlier this year. We saw the volume of competitors that showed up and we know that there are a lot more guys building cars since we have the full quarter. What we are trying to avoid is the last-minute confusion of getting cars registered then sorting them and what’s not. We want to have things rolling as smoothly as possible,” Deodass related to the media at the weekend.

He added, “We have more things that we are putting in place ahead of the second round; additional barriers to keep spectators out of the danger zone and so many other things.”

Flashback! Peter Daby’s RX-7 pulls ahead, but only for a brief moment until the Goliath unleashed its full power to win the race (Photos: Akeem Greene)

Deodass indicated that the club is viewing this event as a “dry run for the international event”, which is slated for later in 2019.

“We want to know that we can accommodate a certain number of cars and we want to know we can run the event smoothly. That’s why we are asking competitors to register early, get their forms in and ensure that we don’t leave anyone out,” he emphasised.

Category winners from round one:

Vickey Persaud (16-second)

Ramesh Persaud (15-second)

Eric Watchman (14-second)

Raymond John (13-second)

Avi Samaroo (12-second)

Damian Persaud (11-second)

Peter Daby (10-second)

Terrence Cox (Unlimited)

Mark Menez (Bikes)

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