Ramjattan confident of being elected AFC’s PM candidate


Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan said he is confident of being elected the party’s next Prime Ministerial candidate for the upcoming General and Regional Elections.

When asked by reporters about contesting for the post, Ramjattan said: “I am confident.”

The candidates will be elected at the AFC’s Congress set for Saturday where over 300 delegates from the various administrative regions and the diaspora are expected to attend.

Ramjattan at a press conference on Wednesday morning at the Ministry of Public Security’s boardroom said he is unsure who else has indicated an interest in running for the post.

“I don’t know of any other person indicating an interest,” he said.

Current Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo has already indicated his interest in running again.

Ramjattan first announced his interest on May 3, after indicating same to his party.

He had said then, “it is going to be interesting and it is good to have inside political parties, the regular rivalries between leaders.”

The Congress is the party’s top decision-making body where a new Leader, Chair, Vice Chair and other persons are elected.

According to Ramjattan, the Congress will also review the AFC’s performance in the past two years.

“All the aspects of the organizational and structural work has been put in place and lots of nominees for positions, lots of delegates will be coming all the regions and lots of motions.”

Meanwhile, in a subsequent statement by a member of the Alliance For Change, Imran Khan, it was disclosed that the election of the Prime Ministerial Candidate will not take place on Saturday but at a later date to be decided by the party.

He said along with the Leader, Chair, Vice Chair and General Secretary, 12 National Executive Members will be elected.

The Youth For Change and Women For Change will also have their executive elections.

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