Optique Vision Care opens fully computerized office; launches electronic health records system


With the idea to redefine Guyana’s optical industry and provide quality services, Optique Vision Care has launched a new centre at Movietowne, Greater Georgetown.

At the launch on Thursday it was also announced that the company will be operating using an electronic health records system.

Chief Executive Officer Dhanie Narine said he and his wife Madonna worked hard for Optique Vision Care to become a household brand and the country’s leading optical service.

Chief Executive Officer Dhanie Narine

The first centre was opened six years ago in Mahaica and the new centre at Movietowne marks the fifth Optique Vision Care centre in the country.

Speaking about the significance of the electronic health records system, Narine said customers can expect a higher level of efficiency with the delivery of patient care.

“This Electronic Health Record System is a critical component of modern patient care and record keeping and will be rolled out at all our other locations within the next 10 weeks,” Mr Narine said.

Optique Vision has also implemented a new programme – a Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme.

Mr Narine said: “This programme is the first of its kind in the private sector and was developed to complement our existing services and programmes.

“This programme will address the growing burden of Diabetic Retinopathy.”

He said they have also implemented a central electronic Diabetes register and have increased Diabetic Retinopathy screening rates by 50% in the last five months.

“We are also proud to have implemented monthly continuing medical sessions…this allows our optometrists to receive credits for annual registration for their medical license,” Mr Narine said.

President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Zulfikar Ally, commended the optical centre on providing cutting-edge technology in the industry.

“It is no secret that a significant section of this population suffers from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes…both of which affect eyes. So easy, affordable and accessible screening is necessary to treat the effects of these diseases in its early stages,” Ally said.

Optique Vision Care is now able to provide on-site laser treatment to patients with diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

Optique Vision Care has been continuously training optometry interns from the University of Guyana.

Dean of the Faculty of Heath Science at the University of Guyana, Dr. Emmanuel Cummings encouraged persons to visit Optique Vision Care so that they can have early intervention if they have any visual impairments.

“As we see increase in population growth and increase in aging certainly there will be more need for eye care services and no doubt the commissioning of another centre for Optique will contribute to this cause,” Dr Cummings said.

The Movietowne centre will be headed by Clinical Manger Stephanie Jean Jacques.

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