Every child has a gift, do not despise under-performers – Chief Education Officer


The country’s Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson has urged parents not to discourage students who may not have performed as they expected at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment, which determines the secondary school students will be placed at.

“Each and every child has a gift and it is so important that we recognize and nurture that gift,” Hutson said Wednesday morning as the Ministry of Education announced the results at the National Centre for Education Research Development (NCERD).

He encouraged parents not to discourage and despise their children if they don’t get the results they wanted as the children would feel a sense of under-achievement.

“It is important that we do not see exams as the end-all,” he said, adding that children should be encouraged regardless of how they perform. He said that every child has strengths and weaknesses.

A total 14, 300 students wrote the examinations this year.

The examination results can be accessed at the website exams.moeguyana.org. The Candidate’s date of birth, candidate number and primary school are required to access the results.

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