‘Affordable, durable’ Wanda Paints added to Motor Trend Service Centre


Motor-racer Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass has expanded the product line at his Motor Trend Service Centre by becoming an official distributor of Wanda Automotive Paint products.

At a seminar on Thursday (July 18), Paint Specialists from the company showcased the use and benefits of the product to various auto repairmen from East Coast of Demerara.

Deodass, the proprietor of Motor Trend Service Centre, explained that the full line of products is very affordable and they have a full stock to cater to the needs of the entire East Coast.

“It is a new a paint (to Guyana) and you will get value for money. For the guys doing the body work, they will profit more because the quality of work they are going to get will be really good since they will get better coverage and (it will be) longer lasting. You won’t find after a couple months or years you find a colour change or (get) dim,” Deodass related to News Room.

Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass (center) listens to a question from one of the repairmen at the seminar on Thursday

The Service Centre is located at Area L Foulis Public Road, East Coast Demerara, and be contacted on telephone numbers 628-2667 or 256-4066.

Additionally, Barbadians Kyle Smith, who is the Director of Premium Coatings Inc., and Technical Representative Jermaine Burnett edified the Guyanese workmen about the process to get the best results and most importantly save money.

Smith explained the paint is most suited to the hot temperatures of Guyana.

“It is an excellent paint; we have been in the Caribbean for the last 27 years selling different brands for AkzoNobel brand. Wanda is the number one paint used in Africa, which I am sure is hotter than Guyana, so it should be more than well enough to cover the heat.”

He added, “It is extremely efficient; Wanda in terms of price to quality ratio is probably the best. It is a really good quality at a very good price so it can be very competitive for the painters here. Our main is to be as cost efficient not only for painters, but also customers with paint that can last many years.”

Smith emphasised the point that if persons are going to use the product, they must not mix it with other brands since Wanda paints has a full line of preparation products.

Wanda Automotive paint is a growing global brand for over 75 years and offers an excellent colour match, a wide range of up-to-date colour formulations, comprehensive colour documentation and colour retrieval programme.

It is understood, the products are durable, simple-to-use and require fewer components to complete the job.

More so, Wanda presents a simplified approach for mixing ratios of clear, primer and 2K colour and utilises a universal hardener. And the total system consists of less than 85 SKUs.

That’s basecoat and single stage toners as well as ancillaries. Fewer components are needed, helping in the ease of use and reduction of inventory for distributors.

The nationwide distributor in Guyana is Beharry Automotive.

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