Lamaha Springs residents burn bridge to Sophia in bid to reduce robberies


As a result of an increase in robberies over the past weeks in the area, residents of Lamaha Springs, Georgetown on Sunday began an operation to remove all illegal bridges leading to the neighbouring community of Sophia.

The operation was conducted with support from the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

Brigadier (ret’d) George Lewis, who heads the United Cooperative Housing Society, told the media that there have been approximately ten robberies over the last two weeks.

“The community decided today that we will come together and look at ways in which we can take action to alleviate the situation,” the Brigadier said.

The area from which the bridge was removed

He said in most cases, the residents notice that thieves use the bridge to escape into ‘C’ Field Sophia.

This particular bridge was dismantled and the joint services ranks burnt the wood Sunday.

“Most of the times when the robberies took place, persons were running through this passageway and heading into Sophia area. As a result of that, this is an illegal entrance here and one of the first things we thought of doing is remove the bridge to make it more difficult for persons to steal and escape here,” he explained.

There are other bridges joining the two communities and Brigadier Lewis said those will be removed in the near future.

Some of the Sophia residents who use the bridge to access transportation from South Ruimveldt, Georgetown clashed with the Lamaha Springs residents over the removal of the bridge. However, the police presence managed to quell the situation.

Residents at the scene

Other residents of Lamaha Springs -a community populated by former and current ranks of the joint services – told the media that they have been victims of robberies and believe it is time for something to be done.

“I get rob already just under my house,” one woman who did not want her identity revealed said.

“We need security, Me children can’t walk on the road. they thieving your laptop, yuh money…From six in the afternoon to six the next morning, they working shift,” another woman noted.

She added that “my concern is the thieving in the streets and breaking into our homes. We serve the Government of Guyana -joint services – and our rights are being violated by the thieves.”

“It is young boys, they coming to your house and moving your grill…we think the time has come for us to protect our community,” a former GDF officer told the media.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) began to patrol the area on Saturday as a result of the complaints received.

They have also promised to re open the guard hut at the entrance to the scheme.

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