E-Networks slams GTT’s libelous statements on Subsea Cable project


E-Networks Inc. on Friday severely criticised the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) company for libelous statements it made in relation to the cable company’s subsea cable project.

E-Networks Inc. said the statements made by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) company and its Chief Executive Officer, Justin Nedd in relation to its subsea cable project are misleading and erroneous.

See E-Networks full statement below:

E-Networks Inc. is in receipt of a statement issued by GTT and its CEO, Justin Nedd, on September 19, 2019. We wish to strongly refute the contents of this statement, which include false and libellous allegations against our company that we are operating with “complete disregard for necessary approvals and international protocols” in relation to our subsea cable project.

Mr Nedd has been disingenuous in his claim that we are not in receipt of required approvals, particularly in his specific reference to our operation with an expired environmental and construction permit from the Environmental Protection Agency. As a point of fact, E-Networks has never been without a valid EPA permit in relation to our project from May 1, 2018 to present. We are also in possession of all necessary approvals in relation to this project for its intended purpose.

In regard to the international protocols Mr Nedd claims that we are breaching, he is well aware of the previous communications with GTT in relation to this project, in which we have proven that we are operating well within these recommendations. Moreover, we have had to enlighten GTT through the exchange of several pieces of correspondence of the correct and proper interpretation of the international protocols and standards.

E-Networks wishes to state in no uncertain terms that we find GTT’s statement to be intentionally erroneous, deliberately misleading and libellous. We will take any and all necessary measures, including legal action against GTT and Mr Nedd, in order to protect our good name.

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