GFF hosts financial planning workshop for select members


Following a decision at the Extra Ordinary Congress held in August 2019, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) last weekend hosted a financial planning workshop to inform the 2020 budget.

The session, held at the Guyana Pegasus, with select members sought to give members of the GFF an opportunity to play a hands-on role in the financial planning exercise.

GFF’s President, Wayne Forde, in brief remarks at the opening of the session, said the new model of having members review and inform the budget is unprecedented.

“This new financial planning model allows the GFF members to correlate investment priorities with the GFF’s strategic plan 2017-2021.”

He added, “Unless someone here knows otherwise, I do not know of a situation where we would have had all the members peer over the actual figures of our finances and I believe that it is only when we reveal ourselves to this extent to you that you get a clear appreciation for the work that we are doing and what informs some of the decisions that we have to make from time to time.”

The composition of the group was reflective of persons with the skillset and expertise to address budgetary issues. (GFF Press Release)

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