Death over cigarettes: Mother remains in shock, says son was ‘very loving’


By Bibi Khatoon

The mother of 25-year-old Jermain Adrian Jeffery who was fatally stabbed Friday night remains in a state of shock over his death.

Kenyetta Jeffrey of Pike Street Kitty, Georgetown on Saturday told the News Room that she saw her eldest son moments before he was killed at Fifth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown.

“He was out here with his friends drinking [alcohol] and he left to go home,” she said.

The mother of four said Jermain moved out of the house approximately one month ago to live with a friend in Alberttown. She said he would visit her almost every day at Kitty and had left just 20-30 minutes before she received a message that he was killed.

The tearful woman recalled that she was asleep when “my sister-in-law come and knock on the window and wake me up and she told me Jermain just get stab up and dead. I say ‘Jermain just left here.’ She said yes but your cousin just bring the message that he get stab up and dead.”

Kenyetta said she is unaware of what led to the incident.

She admitted that Jermain is “a very arrogant person” but said he is also very loving.

Police said Jermain was involved in an argument which turned into a scuffle with a man whose only name was given as ‘Rastaman’ at about 21:40hrs on Friday.

Police claimed that Jermain approached the shop where Rastaman was standing and requested to purchase cigarettes but was denied when the argument ensued. They both stabbed each other to death.

The News Room was reliably informed that ‘Rastaman’ who is also called ‘Tall Man’ is a friend of the shop owner.

It is alleged that the shop owner did not want to sell the cigarettes to Jermain because he smokes it in the presence of a six-month-old baby.

It is further alleged that Jermain refused to move from the shop when ‘Rastaman’ intervened and the scuffle ensued.

Jermain reportedly picked up a bottle and threw it into the shop, almost hitting the six month old baby before leaving the shop, however, he reportedly returned and continued to throw bottles into the alleyway leading to ‘Rastaman’s house.

The News Room was told that it was at this point that ‘Rastaman’ came out to investigate and was stabbed to his chest. ‘Rastaman’ retaliated and stabbed Jermain in his chest with a knife.

Jermain worked at an ice factory in Kingston Georgetown. His body was found at the scene with an ice pick in his right hand.

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