Man hired to repair roof carts off cash, gold from homeowner


Magistrate Faith McGusty on Monday sentenced a contractor to serve two years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to stealing several items from a woman’s house he was hired to repair

Uriel Amsterdam confessed that between October 8,2019 and October 9,2019, at Lot 94 Fourth Avenue, Subryanville, he stole from the dwelling house of Tenika Archer  $200, 000 cash, a gold ring valued $42, 000 and a gold chain valued $70, 000.

According to reports on the day in question, Amsterdam was hired by Archer to repair her roof, during which time they were also consuming alcohol.

However, Archer went away and left Amsterdam in her home, since she knew him. When the woman returned, the items mentioned in the charge along with Amsterdam was gone

In court, Amsterdam explained that he only stole the woman’s jewellery and bought clothes for his newborn baby.

As such, Magistrate McGusty sentenced Amsterdam to two years in prison for the offence.

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