48 improvised weapons, wine, other items seized in prison raid


Ranks of the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) and Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Saturday conducted a routine search of the Camp Street, Lusignan, Timehri, New Amsterdam and Mazaruni prisons and the following prohibited items were found:

48 improvised weapons

11 cell phones

9 sim cards

Tripple A batteries

A quantity of suspected cannabis

A small quantity of suspected ecstasy powder

19 smoking utensils

14 metal spoons

A memory card

7 cellphone batteries

12 cellphone chargers

51 cigarette lighters

A number of razor blades

5 ropes

A number of cigarettes

A hacksaw blade

Nail kit

Nail clips


13 pieces of wires

4 pairs of scissors

Construction nails

8 USB cables

A mirror

Steel wool

5 bottles and 2 five gallons of homemade wine

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