GuySuCo reports production shortfall; says Plantation White project to start this year


The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has reported a sugar production shortfall of 17,000 tonnes for 2019.

The Corporation said a total of 92,246 tonnes of sugar was declared to be sold in the local, regional and international markets. Albion produced 46, 651 tonnes of sugar, while Blairmont produced 23, 325 and Uitvlugt 20,270 tonnes.

“The shortfall has been the consequence of major mechanical failures in the Albion and Uitvlugt factories and from the latter half of October 2019, increasing industrial unrest in which Blairmont was most affected,” GuySuCo stated.

The advent of adverse weather from the last week of November also influenced the progress of harvesting.

The second crop production was closed on December 21st 2019 with 1981 hectares that could not be harvested and will be carried over to the first crop of 2020.

The shortfall represents in excess of 80,000 tonnes of cane from Albion, 60,000 tonnes of cane from Blairmont and 11,000 tonnes of cane from Uitvlugt that was not harvested.

GuySuCo stated that the industry will continue to face challenges to achieving reliability in the factories if operation capital investments continue to be delayed.

However, on a more positive note, the Corporation said the productivity of cane fields continued to improve as reflected by cane yields that exceeded the crop estimate on all estates.

Meanwhile, the GuySuCo stated that the feasibility study for the Plantation White Sugar Project was completed and the project was found to be feasible.

“The Corporation has commenced preparations to embark on this new venture in 2020.

“The addition of Plantation White Sugar and ‘A’ grade molasses for the production of genuine Demerara Rum to the Corporation’s line of value added products will see an increase in revenues both regionally and internationally for the Corporation and all of Guyana,” GuySuCo stated.

The Corporation said it anticipates the expansion of its operations in the year 2020, with planned improvements in the fields and factories, as well as the commencement of preparatory works for the installation of a Cogeneration plant at Albion Estate. This is anticipated to support the supply of power to the East Berbice region.

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