Washrooms down at Cheddi Jagan airport for full day


Passengers and staff of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) were made to endure being without washroom facilities Wednesday and into Thursday morning as a result of a cut in the airport’s water supply system, but the water is now back in the departure terminal.

In a statement, the CJIA stated that its water supply was disrupted on Wednesday, resulting in the terminal buildings being out of water for several hours. However, a source indicated that the water supply system was down just after 23:00 hrs Tuesday.

The CJIA did not say what caused the disruption in the water supply.

“Water has since been restored to the departure terminal and the relevant stakeholders are working assiduously to have the arrival terminal’s water supply fully restored within the shortest possible time,” CJIA stated. To make matters worse in the arrivals area, the air-conditioning unit is currently not working.

The airport it in a statement apologised to the travelling public “for the inconvenience caused and wish to assure that no effort is being spared in having this situation remedied.”

The News Room was reliably informed that airport authorities did not provide backup sanitary facilities for departing passengers. Staff of the airport were placed at the door to tell passengers the washrooms were down.

Staff of the airport were made to use the washroom of the nearby Lotus restaurant.

Even the washroom outside of the arrivals terminal next to Lotus restaurant has no water and is overflowing, one staff member told the News Room.

Last year, the water supply system was also down for two days because of a sewage backup. At that time, airport authorities had rented portable toilets.

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