Female driver chases after thief who broke into car in front Pegasus Hotel


A female driver on Tuesday chased after a thief in front of the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown after he stole a bag from a vehicle that was parked in front of the hotel.

The News Room understands that the woman was driving along the Seawall Road when she noticed a motorcycle parked next to the vehicle.

The driver said she became suspicious after she saw the motorcyclist ransacking the backseat of the vehicle.

After he rode off with the bag, the woman said she drove behind him and the suspect dropped the bag a short distance away on High Street.

She retrieved the bag and took it into the Pegasus Hotel where the owner was attending a press conference at the time.

The visibly nervous driver said the suspect was clad in a yellow tope, an armless jersey and a short pants.

She is also thankful for life since, in the moment of performing her heroic move, she did not consider whether the suspect was armed.

She was thanked by the owner of the vehicle who said he is grateful since all of his personal documents are in the bag.

It was discovered that the thief removed the sun visor from the front window of the car which was left slightly opened, before opening the lock and gaining entry.

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