Construction worker falls off truck, crushed between wheels


A 39-year-old construction was killed in a gruesome accident Thursday afternoon just as he was leaving his work site.

Sheldon Chance was atop an excavator on a truck raising an electric wire so the truck could pass freely when he fell and was smashed between the wheels.

The gruesome accident occurred in ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown at about 17:00hrs.

The construction worker had been working with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Work Services Group for about three years now.

Patricia Marshall-Chance

When the News Room visited his home in Meadowbrook Gardens, his mother, Patricia Marshall-Chance said when her son left for work Thursday morning; she had no idea that she would never see him alive again.

“The only thing he does eat is fish; he like salt fish and rice and that was the last thing I cooked yesterday for him, but he never come for it,” a tearful Marshall-Chance stated.

She said she was sitting outside when a gentleman came and told her what happened.

The woman said that it was only two weeks ago that she buried her mother, and now, she has to prepare for the funeral of her son.

“Every morning he leave, he say ‘Tall girl I going’ and he would always bring something; last night he bring this sugar dumpling.”

Sheldon Chance was described as a talkative and loving person.

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