Cane Grove man beaten by neighbours died from hemorrhage


A Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara man who was beaten to death by his neighbours- a husband and wife – died as a result of shock and hemorrhage, a post mortem Wednesday revealed.

Dead is 48-year-old Gopaul Seeram.

Seeram a father of three daughters lived with his wife, Shakeela Kishore and their two-year-old child next door to the suspects, namely Dhanraj Ramkishan, 29, and his wife Deomattie Salikram, 43.

Police investigations revealed that at about 15:00 hrs on Tuesday, Deomattie called Shakeela to check and see if her husband, Dhanraj, was at home, but Shakeela ended the call.

When the News Room visited Shakeela explained why she hung up the phone.

“She call on the phone and because I ask is who and she say is [Deomattie], me cut off the phone, because she ah call and find out about she husband and that’s why; we don’t want problem with them,” Shakeela stated.

She further explained, “When I cut off the phone on she, she nah call back. When she husband come in, she start cuss up and say how she call by we and how we cut off the phone pon she and so we nah bother with she and we lock we door and go inside.”

The Police got involved and according to Shakeela they were told to leave the suspects alone if they trouble them again.

“Since [we] live at the back here, we have no problem,” the woman said.

Shakeela Kishore

The dead man’s wife further explained that Deomattie later confronted her and a heated argument ensued.

She said the suspects cursed her and her husband for a little while, until Seeram got up and asked them to stop. It was then that things turned deadly.

“After the police talk to we, we deh easy and not doing nothing; them [suspects] deh a drink, around six o’clock now she and she husband start cuss up we and me husband tell them nah cuss we.

“He [Dhanraj] come over and start chuck up my husband, he take a wood and lash he up, them beat he up all over and me husband holler, but nobody couldn’t help he,” Shakeela recounted.

For the sake of her child, Shakeela said she ran away but Dhanraj followed her and dealt her a lash on her right hand.

“While them beating he [Seeram], me run out on the dam, me neighbour husband came out and he fire a lash pon me hand.”

The husband and wife then escaped and were arrested Wednesday.

Seeram was the main support for the family. He worked as a security guard and did farming to provide for his family.

Seeram was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Mahaicony Hospital; he was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Dhanraj told Police that Seeram had attacked him with a piece of wood and injured his right knee; his knee was examined and it appeared to be swollen.


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