Berbice pensioner robbed, wife’s head slammed into concrete wall


Four armed bandits on Saturday morning pounced on an elderly couple of Lot 7 Public Road Nurney Village, Corentye Berbice who were making preparations to go to the Port Mourant Market.

Seventy-two-year Narinedatt Chandan, a cash crop farmer said he and his 64-year-old wife Mandakie Chandan woke up around 01:25 hrs and were packing vegetables for sale at the market when someone clobbered him in the head.

He fell face-down into the vegetables. The bandits took him inside the house where he saw another bandit grabbed his wife by the hair and placed a cutlass to her neck as they demanded cash and jewellery.

“Meh seh nah hurt we, nah kill we, we is poor old people, meh go give up everything we get”.

Mr Chandan said he directed the bandits to his pension book which had $40,000 but they were not satisfied.

One of the bandits told him, “you are a farmer, you go to the market three times a week. You get more you, gotta give me.”

The injury to Mrs Chandan’s head

The bandits tied up the elderly man and some of them ransacked the house; they found about $70,000 more in cash along with two gold rings.

The other bandits took Mrs Chandan to her brother-in-law’s house next door where they forced her to call on them to open the door.

The brother-in-law operates a grocery store. Mrs Chandan was forced to tell her brother-in-law that they needed $1000 to go to the market but he realized that something was amiss and refused to open the door.

By this time, Mr Chandan managed to untie himself and ran upstairs where he raised an alarm from his window.

He said the bandits then hurled bottles at him and broke a window in the process.

One of the bandits, who still had his wife hostage, brought her back under the house and banged her head against the concrete wall.

Neighbours called the Police and the bandits escaped.

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