COVID-19: New delivery business flourishing


By Isanella Patoir

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting businesses and economies all over the world, but it is also creating avenues for other businesses such as delivery services.

Twenty-six-year-old Natasha Waddle said the pandemic pushed her to finally get her business going – Xpress Delivery Service- which was registered nine months ago.

“I didn’t think the business idea made sense back then and it was my personal fear that I wouldn’t be successful, but then COVID-19 happened and I saw there was a need,” Waddle told the News Room during an interview.

Based in Georgetown, the service started only a week ago but the demand has been great, according to Waddle. She explained that there is a $50,000 spending limit with Xpress Delivery Service which has customers from Parika, East Bank Demerara and promising customers from Berbice.

“You can get your entire month’s grocery; we can go shop for you.

“It has been great so far, I didn’t think that people would react the way they did but I am very grateful, the business is picking up and we just asking that they keep up the support,” Waddle said.

Xpress Delivery offers food, groceries, bill payment, packages and laundry services among others.

“We are also making preparations so that we can deliver small cargo like stoves, fridges and office chairs. For the grocery, you can either call the supermarket and place your order with them or you can call us and send us a detailed grocery list, our riders and drivers will go shop on your behalf, bring it to you and you reimburse,” Waddle explained.

Waddle is currently working from Queenstown, Georgetown; the Xpress Delivery Service office will be at Duncan Street from May 01.

Three motorcyclists and a driver currently handle the delivery from 08:00hrs to 17:30hrs daily.

“Once the curfew is lifted we will be working up to midnight so we are currently accepting applications for more riders and drivers,” Waddle said.

She noted, “Our service is unique because we are not only centred in Georgetown or just a little bit out of Georgetown, we get to the customers wherever they are once we have the resources,” Waddle said.

She highlighted that the drivers are all taking the COVID-19 measures seriously; sanitisation of hands, vehicles and deliveries is done before and after delivery.

“We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that we don’t transmit to the customer and the riders and drivers are staying safe because they are the ones on the frontline,” Waddle said.


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