Minister Hughes encourages innovative thinking during lockdown


With many sectors almost grinding to a halt and businesses on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes is encouraging persons to be innovative with technology especially those in the hinterland.

Hughes was speaking during a virtual seminar hosted Thursday by the Department of Tourism.

According to Hughes, with over 300 schools, institutions and 73 hinterland communities connected to the internet, the potential is endless for creating new avenues during this pandemic. Speaking directly about the tourism industry, Hughes said persons can target specific products and start their own business.

“…more persons are online with extra time and one of the things I want to say is that even if you are not able to develop and sell your traditional local tourism products…most importantly there are other products and services that you could be developing that I know exist in these same communities, many of our indigenous communities,” Hughes said.

She highlighted that persons can also look at increasing production of fruits, as Banks DIH Limited and Demerara Distiller Limited (DDL) have created processing plants to make juice.

“I want to mention two of our key local beverage giants both DDL and Banks DIH have put out a call for fruits,” Hughes noted.

She also said the Ministry has created a farmer’s market app which is now in the testing stage and is set to launch in the next couple months.

“That farmer’s market app, allows anybody in Guyana any part of the world to go online and to register any agricultural product that they have that are available for sale.”


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