Murder of mother of 10: suspect arrested, family wants justice


By Isanella Patoir

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the brutal murder and alleged rape of 68-year-old Margaret Dawson.

“….when the Police catch him he said he went to dump garbage. The Police find two rings in his pocket for her,” Wendy Thomas, one of Dawson’s daughters told the News Room Monday.

Dawson, a Security Guard attached to the Professional Guard Service for the past eight years, was found dead at the corner of the road at the Le Repentir Cemetery in Georgetown early Monday not far from her home.

The mother of ten children left her Albouystown home Sunday evening for work but never showed up.

Thomas said her mother was found lying on the road without any clothes on; there were injuries to her face and head and her personal belongings were also missing.

The area where the body of the elderly woman was found [Photo: News Room]
“My daughter told me that she hear people hollering they murder a lady in the burial ground and if you see how they got the body skin up, so when my daughter left here and go through the ground then is when she saw her grandmother and started hollering,” a distraught Thomas told the News Room.

The elderly woman is originally from Timheri, East Bank Demerara but was staying in Albouystown because of the Coronavirus.

“To my understanding, she call the taxi to go to work, she does normally go to work for 7 o clock so it gotta be it happen last night,” Thomas said.

Wendy Thomas [Photo: News Room]
Managing Director of Professional Guard Service, Sean Kirkpatrick told the News Room that Dawson was scheduled to work from 19:00h Sunday to 07:00h Monday, but she never turned up for work.

He explained that she had health problems and so he did not worry when she didn’t show up.

Dawson was described as very pleasant and hardworking.

“You can ask anybody, my mother does stop and gaff with everybody, you come here, something she finding to give you…my mother was loved.”

“We need justice for our mother; our father died 16 years ago…we need justice,” Thomas said.

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