Reduced field forces Mahadeo, Adonis out of CrossFit Games


By Avenash Ramzan

Disappointed. Disheartened.

Those were the emotions experienced by Guyanese CrossFit pair Dillon Mahadeo and Delice Adonis after the Reebok CrossFit Games organisers opted for a reduced field for the 2020 event, thereby rescinding their participation in the prestigious event.

The duo, by virtue of being crowned national champion of their respective category earlier this year, had automatically qualified to compete in the Games, slated for August in Wisconsin, USA.

However, with COVID-19 measures still enforced in some states, CrossFit headquarters opted to shelf the ‘national champion qualification criteria’ for at least this year.

Reigning champs Dillon Mahadeo and Delice Adonis

“On April 16, we announced that we are reviewing all options to host the CrossFit Games in Aromas while monitoring events globally. That effort is ongoing. Due to current limitations on social gatherings, and professional sport in particular, the field of athletes in attendance will be reduced,” Reebok CrossFit Games said on its website.

“Last year, CrossFit Headquarters expanded the field of athletes in attendance at the Games to include the fittest athlete in every eligible country. In light of current constraints, it will not be possible to host the previously invited 239 national champions in Aromas. The national champion race will reset in 2021 with invites extended to champions who earn top placement in the upcoming CrossFit Open.”

In February this year, Mahadeo won his fifth consecutive title at the sixth Kares Caribbean Fitness Challenge at the National Park Tarmac, while Adonis completed her second championship run.

Under normal circumstances they would have been representing the Golden Arrowhead at the Games, and while they are both dejected at missing out, they understand the need to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Dillon Mahadeo is the reigning and five-time national CrossFit champion

What they said

Dillon Mahadeo: “I was definitely a bit disheartened hearing the news, not having the chance to compete again this year on the world stage after experiencing such a stupendous competition last year. I was really looking forward to showcasing all the hard work and training that has been put into this season in preparing for the CrossFit Games; also to have the opportunity to see where I tally up against the best in the world by improving my ranking from 2019.

Before CrossFit released an official statement, I was prepared for the restructuring of the Games knowing that there is a possibility we might not get to compete this year and I believe it may have been the best possible solution for the dilemma we are facing.

However, looking at the bigger picture, I cannot complain, due to the unprecedented pandemic globally, persons are being affected immensely and are losing so much more; it’s fatal for some or for their loved ones. I count myself lucky that my family and I are safe from COVID-19 and this is of utmost importance currently.

For now, we need to stay optimistic and plan for the future, and come out of this pandemic stronger on the other side.

My goal is to keep putting in the same hard work and discipline it takes to get to the next level and qualify and earn my spot to compete at the pinnacle of our sport in 2021, to represent my country to the best of my abilities so I can once again hoist the Golden Arrow Head proudly on the world stage.”

Delice Adonis copped her second national CrossFit title this year

Delice Adonis: “Obviously I’m disappointed that CrossFit rescinded their invitation to the Games, but I completely understand.

With everything going on in the world right now and especially the US, which is proving to be the new epicenter of the pandemic, it’s probably in the best interest of the athletes to not have a CrossFit Games 2020 at all, but we’ll see about that.

For me, this is effectively the end of my 2020 season. Preparations have now begun to fight to earn that invite again for 2021.

I’ve been pushing my body quite a bit since last October so I’m actually a little happy to have a break where I can focus on properly rehabbing my injury, and on gaining strength and developing some of my skills without feeling like I’m jeopardising my competition prep.

I don’t know what the 2021 season is going to look like and I can’t make any assumptions this early on, but my hope is that the CrossFit season can return to normal by then.”

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