Counting of Districts 3 and 7 completed; count for District 10 starts


The counting of ballots cast in Districts Three and Seven have been completed, freeing up recount stations for the other Districts.

However, just one additional station was assigned to District 4 – the largest electoral district which has the most ballot boxes left to be completed.

It means that of the 12 stations, District Four now has four stations. At the end of Wednesday, 548 of District Four’s 879 ballot boxes were counted.

An additional station was also assigned to District 6, bringing the total number of stations counting ballots for that District to three. At the end of Wednesday, a total of 181 boxes had been counted for that District, leaving 197 to be completed.

Two counting stations were assigned to begin the count of District 10 on Thursday.

This would mean that the Districts now being counted are Districts Four, Six, Eight, Nine and Ten.

One station was assigned to District Eight and one to District Nine.

At the end of Wednesday, the total number of boxes that remained to be counted was 956.

The 25-day timeline set by GECOM for the recount expires on Saturday and the Guyana Elections Commission is considering an extension of two weeks.

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