Guyana gets 48 Housing Units to help fight COVID-19


The Guyana Government has received 48 Prefabricated Housing Units from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

The units are given to families where a member has been in contact with a positive patient but is unable to self-quarantine due to the lack of adequate space.

The prefabricated housing units will allow parents who live in a one-bedroom house to move into a bigger facility to ensure physical distancing guidelines can be adhered to even at home.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle noted in a statement on Thursday that the units will be set up in every region, with special attention to the very remote locations and Region Five will be the first to benefit.

“Region #5 is the first to benefit from this initiative that will greatly assist the regions in their efforts to cater for patients affected by the Coronavirus Disease,” Dr Boyle said.

Region Five has not yet confirmed any case of the Coronavirus Disease but Dr Boyle explained to the News Room that

“We are also trying to identify persons who are coming from a household where there might be overcrowding and it is difficult to quarantine from other persons…for example single mothers with multiple children,” Dr Boyle said.

When asked how the families are identified, Dr Boyle noted that the Ministry of Public Health developed a questionnaire for persons who have been in contact with positive patients.

Their age, social status and other needs are also taken into consideration.

The Ministry of Public Health expressed gratitude to UNHCR for the donation.

Further, the Ministry is urging pregnant mothers and persons with underlying conditions to visit the nearest health facilities to maintain their clinic schedules.

“It is important that your conditions are controlled,” Dr Boyle noted.

Persons with any COVID-19 symptoms are also asked to make contact with the health facility nearest or visit one of the COVID-19 facilities.

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