Jagdeo maintains PPP won elections by over 15,000 votes


General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party Bharrat Jagdeo on Friday maintained that the party won the elections and said the end of the recount will show this.

The recount has been showing the fraud committed in the tabulation of District Four votes, with figures bloated for APNU+AFC to give it a victory. The PPP contends that it won the elections by over 15,000 votes.

The Guyana Elections Commission is currently recounting the ballot boxes for communities on the East Coast of Demerara –the final boxes to be completed.

According to Jagdeo, based on his party’s tabulation, APNU gained 33,052 votes and PPP- 41,165 votes on the East Coast.

“…so we will gain just over 8,000 votes ahead of APNU on the East Coast when all of East Coast will be tabulated and that will be added to the already 7,000 votes that will bring the recount to a conclusion with PPP to just over 15,000 votes,” he said during a video statement on Friday.

GECOM is on its final leg of the recount process which is expected to complete this weekend.

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