20 years later, no clues into disappearance of horse trainer


Burchell Garrett, a father of five, mysteriously disappeared on August 18, 2000, after going out for a drink with a relative whom he was in court with over a land dispute.

To this day, 20 years later, his family has not seen or heard from him but they continue to seek answers about his disappearance.

Mr Garrett, a horse trainer, was 74-years-old when he went missing.

“My dad was a horse trainer and that was his passion. He was well known and you cannot ask for a better father and friend.

“My dad was not a man of many words but he was kind,” one of his daughters, Ena Garrett, told the News Room.

The Armadale Village, West Coast Berbice family is hoping that Mr Garrett’s case can be solved so they can have some closure.

Ena, who resides in Canada explained that the day her father went missing, he was told by his siblings not to go out with the relative.

“….but my dad decided to go with for a drink because they are cousins,” Ena said.

He never returned home. After hours passed, they decided to visit the home of the relative to find out what happened.

At the time, the relative had not returned home either. The following day the family again visited the home of the relative where they found the relative but there was no sign of their father. The relative said he did not know of the whereabouts of Mr Garret.

Witnesses at the time said Mr Garrett was seen drinking with the relative at a bar opposite the New Amsterdam Market.

Days turned into weeks, then months and years. Still, no signs of Mr Garrett. The relative was arrested three times but was never charged.

After a while, the search for Mr Garrett came to a grinding halt. Ena said she met with four Police Commanders in Berbice over the last 20 years but no substantial investigation was ever done.

“All I know is the suspect just went to the States,” Ena said.

Meanwhile, the family continues to have court battles over the land in the New Amsterdam High Court.

Ena explained that a relative took her father along with his three brothers to court in 1994 with claims to the land. The matter went on for the next four years with Mr Garret winning the case. Ena said the land was passed on to the Garrett from relatives.

The matter was appealed but in 2012 the matter was dismissed in the Court of Appeal. The children of the Garrett brothers now continue to occupy and cultivate the land.

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