Nadir promises to be fair, impartial as Speaker


With a political career already spanning 40 years, Manzoor Nadir was on Tuesday elected to serve as Speaker of the National Assembly for the 12th Parliament and has promised to be impartial in the execution of his duties.

Nadir was nominated by Prime Minister Brigadier (rt’d) Mark Phillips and it was seconded by Minister of Governance and Parliamentary Affairs Gail Teixeira.

No other nominations were made.

Nadir is a former five-term Member of Parliament, first being elected in 1992 after the October 5th General Elections as former Leader of the United Force political Party.

Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir greets Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs [Photo: DPI/September 1, 2020]
“Having sat in this very House for some 23 plus years as a member on both the opposition and government sides, I understand the importance of this position and I promise to be impartial, fair, and just while upholding the rules, laws and procedures in the execution of my responsibilities as Speaker of this Honourable House. The veracity of this noble Institution must and will be upheld at all times during my tenure,” the Speaker said in his acceptance speech.

The Speaker said he is “enthusiastic and dedicated” to making the 12th Parliament one that will positively impact on pertinent issues such as constitutional reform, legislative reform, and the implementation of new laws / Acts that caters for changing realities.

Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir [Photo: DPI/September 1, 2020]
“I am committed to working with all sides of the House to ensure that this 12th Parliament will be inscribed, in the history of our country, as being the most successful and productive ever.”

In his message to the new Parliamentarians, Speaker Nadir underscored that their responsibilities to the National Assembly require “dedication, unbiased dialogue, integrity and most importantly, acting in the best interest of the people of Guyana, without whom, we all would not have been here today.”

He added, “When an individual is nominated by a list of electors on nomination’s day, he/she does so with the understanding that your constituents are entrusting you with their lives, their future and will rely on you to represent them by speaking on their behalf.

“As you took your oaths today, I urge you, therefore, to always be accessible to your constituents and to uphold your vows to the people of Guyana.”

To those who have returned to Parliament, Speaker Nadir urged them to continue their “sterling contributions.”

Meanwhile, the newly elected Speaker also paid homage to Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples who have commenced celebrations in honour of Amerindian Heritage Month today.

“The first Amerindian Member of the House, Stephen Campbell first entered this House on the Tenth of September.  I take this opportunity to wish our Amerindian people and all Guyanese a glorious Amerindian Heritage Month.”

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