Parents recall murdered teen boys’ charisma; Says it’s not about race or politics, it’s about injustice


Plunged into mourning by the gruesome murder of their sons, the parents of Joel Henry and Isaiah Henry are now left with only memories of how the youngsters filled their lives with happiness.

As an intense Police probe is underway, the boys are remembered fondly by both relatives and villagers.

The News Room visited the homes of the boys on Monday where there were large gatherings of persons offering condolences and reflecting on the personalities of Joel and Isaiah even as they contemplated what the future could have been for them.

Fighting to hold back tears, Gail Johnson recalls her son’s helpfulness and said Joel will be missed by many.

“I’m discouraged, I’m sad… my son was a very loving person, caring, always hustle to try to help me,” the distraught mother said.

Joel Henry’s mother Gail Johnson during a visit to the house on Monday

“My son was a very jovial boy, very funny at times, he grew up in church and I taught him the ways of the Lord and he was a nice and quiet boy,” Gladson Henry, the father of Isaiah related.

He recalled his last moments with his son and the subsequent moment he stumbled on his lifeless body.

“The last time I saw my son was Friday night. He told me he was going to the backdam in the morning. We have a place in the backdam where we go and pick mango and coconut so I didn’t know where he was going.

“Oh boy, when we found them we saw the brutal torture… they mussy beg and plead. I don’t know why they didn’t ask them where they come from,” he related.

“The murder was brutal… they cut his throat, chop his face with an X and chop him up all over his eyes they chop him,” Henry said.

But most important to both parents is that a full police investigation is done and the perpetrators of the crime are brought to justice. Relatives believe the boys were killed and their bodies placed in the coconut farm at Cotton Tree, just a few villages away from where they lived.

Dead: Isaiah and Joel Henry

“This is not about race or religion or political things. I am talking on my own behalf this is not about all these things but this is for justice for my son’s innocent life.

“They could have considered that these youth get family… they could have beaten them and injured them or taken them to the station. That’s the right thing they should have done,” Mr. Henry said.

He had a special message for persons who have joined with families to demand that justice is served.

“I don’t want the people to say this is racial, it is not about race… I am a Christian and I don’t want violence to happen in this community but we need to see justice and that is why the villages come together so we can receive justice.

“I am not political… Irfaan Ali if you hear this I ask you please to help us to find justice for my son and I know you’re a Muslim man and believe in Allah and you will do something,” he appealed.

The parents insist that those who committed the crime must pay.

The Police have now arrested three persons as they conduct what the Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie says is an “intense” investigation into the brutal.

Those arrested include the 57-year-old owner of the farm where the boys’ mutilated bodies were found. The owner’s son and a handyman are the others who have been held. The Police said they are “assisting” with the investigations.

The Police have sent six detectives from Georgetown to the area and Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum is gathering others to join the probe.

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  1. Matthew says

    I feel so sorry for that family and especially the Mother……no parent should have to bury a child and this is one of the worst cases imaginable. But to date we do not know what occurred or who did it or even for what reason. I hope the Police are successful in their investigation. The entire Country is waiting for an answer.

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