Auditor General asked to probe birth certificate printing scandal


Attorney General Anil Nandlall has asked the Auditor General’s office to probe the award of a contract to Florida-based Larry London for the printing of 100,000 birth certificates.

London, who headed the multi-million-dollar Durban Park Project and was also being paid $500,000 a month with perks for the position of Director of Parks, heads the company given the contract.

London’s company is called Universal Procurement Services.

The Attorney General has written to Auditor General Deodat Sharma to conduct a forensic audit into the facts and circumstances surrounding the U$150,000 contract.

The new PPP Government wants to know whether there was compliance with the provisions of the Procurement Act and if not, the reasons for the non-compliance.

The Government also wants to know why the services of the “conventional printer” of these documents was not sought and what the difference in quality and costs would have been.

The Attorney General has also asked the Auditor General to find out what is the status of the company, what its main business is, and whether it had experience printing similar documents.

The Attorney General has asked for the probe to also say whether any due diligence was carried out before the award of the contract and what was the need for 100,000 birth certificates at the time.

  1. Matthew says

    The Auditor General needs to review security procedures. A man if he was so inclined could make a fortune selling Guyanese birth certificates in Haiti…..for example ……on or before March 1, 2020. This is like hiring a private printer to print your currency or revenue stamps or lotto tickets or anything that requires a bonded and vetted printer. Mr. London may have been the most honest guy on earth but he had 75 or so different consulting jobs and thus may not have had time to watch over his printing press.

    It may turn out after the elections petition that the Coalition only has 9 seats after these 100,000 “new naturally born ” Guyanese are identified.

    1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

      Lol Exactly.

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