Businessman shot during robbery attempt; bandits escape leaving motorcycle behind


A businessman has been rushed to the hospital after he was attacked and shot by two bandits early Sunday morning during an attempted robbery.

The incident occurred outside the businessman’s house in Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown.

The News Room understands that the businessman was cleaning his yard outside when two men on a motorcycle attacked him but he managed to run inside his yard and fired shots at them through his fence.

The bandits returned fire and managed to shoot the businessman to his neck.

The businessman continued to fire shots at the bandits who then ran away and left their motorcycle at the scene. The incident occurred at around 09:30h.

The News Room has been unable to ascertain the businessman’s name at this time.

Police are investigating.

The bandits ran away and left their motorcycle behind [Photo: Joseph Allen/September 27, 2020]
  1. Terry ramjohn says

    Hope he hit them it’s shoot to kill now need to get rid of them, he should have burnt the bike cause the police will eventually make use of it for them selves

    1. Matthew says

      No……they should not have burnt the bike….it is evidence. Do not be so dismissive of the GPF. lets hope it really was “their” bike and they are arrested and sentenced to 12 years.

  2. Matthew says

    When your leaders flout the law for 18 months you tend to do the same… least some persons.

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