Years of abuse ends deadly for mother of 3; restraining order was granted against suspect for 10 years


By Bibi Khatoon

A 13-year relationship filled with physical abuse ended in death on Tuesday morning when 28-year-old Clarabel Johnson was viciously chopped by the father of her three children.

The incident occurred at about 6:00h on Tuesday, a short distance from Clarabel’s home at Cooper Street, Albouystown, Georgetown home.

Clarabel known as ‘Bella’, was chopped to the back of her right knee, severing a major artery, which led to intense bleeding. She was picked up by public-spirited citizens and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she died while receiving treatment.

The suspect was identified as 45-year-old Nicholas Shawn Williams who fled the scene following the incident; he owns a bicycle shop in the community.

Dead: Claravel Johnson,

When the News Room arrived at the scene, there was a large patch of bloodstain on the road.

Clarabel’s best friend, Candacy Leung told the News Room that the couple shared an abusive relationship; he was previously jailed for beating her and had a 10-year restraining order that was granted some nine years ago.

Clarabel ended the relationship almost nine years ago and moved into her mother’s house in Cooper Street but the suspect continued to threaten her.

“This thing [does] always happen. Nagging and nagging…she report to the Police and so…when I do know she, I asked she how she got all those marks and she said it was he [who] gave her; a long mark across her jaw and all over,” Leung told the News Room.

When the News Room arrived at the scene, there was a large patch of bloodstain on the road where the incident occurred. [Photo: News Room/October 6, 2020]
“I does always tell she man don’t worry with that, he [will] change but me ain’t know that’s what he will do, kill me friend,” the tearful woman said.

Clarabel’s mother, Patricia Johnson told the News Room that she started a relationship with the suspect since she was 15 years old but the family was unaware. She became pregnant and they later moved in together but Clarabel returned her parents’ home after Williams became abusive.

“She was going to school and we didn’t know about the relationship because we were working. Then they go live together and they got children…but he always ill-treat her.

“He chopped she to the face, he chopped her to the hand and it left kind of funny and then now he always come threatening her because she told him she don’t want him,” the mother of five said.

Patricia Johnson [Photo: News Room/October 6, 2020]
Patricia told the News Room that Williams was imprisoned for his actions and her daughter also obtained a restraining order against him.

“…still he didn’t hearing; he still used to come around here threatening she all the time. Up to yesterday (Monday) he was here threatening her and she walked away and go into her room,” Patricia recalled.

The mother said she last saw her daughter before 6am on Tuesday before she left to go on the road where she was chopped.

Clarabel was the youngest of her five siblings.

“He torment she, anywhere he see she, he does torment her. If she going and catch a bus or even at the market, he torments her,” Clarabel’s sister told the News Room.

She leaves to mourn her three children – ages seven, nine and 11 years old.

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