More than $2.8B allocated for development in Region 6 – President Ali


President Dr Irfaan Ali on Saturday visited several areas in Region 6 (East Berbice- Corentyne), along with several Government Ministers including the Minister of Agriculture, the Zulfikar Mustapha, Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the Anand Persaud, Minister of Public Works, the Juan Edghill and Regional Officials.

The Head of State visited the Line Path Community Centre Ground, Port Mourant Community Centre Ground and Angoy’s Avenue Community Center Ground in New Amsterdam, where he pointed to the forthcoming developments in those areas.

President Irfaan Ali meeting with residents at Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam [Office of the President photo/ October 10, 2020]
The President announced that $2M was earmarked for the development of Line Path Community Centre Ground, $9.5M for the Port Mourant Community Centre Ground and $1.2M for the enhancement of the Community Centre Ground at Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam.

“We’ll be spending more than $2.8 billion from the central government that will create new infrastructure that will support drainage and irrigation, new projects, agricultural sector, education, and health care,” President Ali explained.

Monies have been earmarked for enhancement and maintenance works in the community Centre Grounds. Works will include the fencing of the areas and preparation of the grounds/pitches.

The President pointed to the commitments made to the residents during the campaign period, while he announced that resources will not be spared, thereby ensuring that every community will see their expectations realised.

President Irfaan Ali meeting with residents at Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam [Office of the President photo/ October 10, 2020]
President Ali also reminded of the sweeping measures in the 2020 Emergency budget, which will result in the improvement of the livelihoods of all citizens in communities in Region 6, in several critical areas, including Agriculture.

“We have also reversed all the increases in fees; in license fees, in land rental fees. We are going to create a new housing development in that area. And as part of this development, we will commence the building of 100 homes, and we’ll take it up to 200. By the time the fourth quarter in next year, we will bring 1000 direct jobs back to the communities here from the housing sector alone. So there are a number of measures that are in the budget that we have implemented so that we can ease the burden that was placed on the backs of the people of this country over the last five years,” President Ali told residents in Port Mourant.

President Irfaan Ali meeting with residents at East Berbice Corentyne [Office of the President photo/ October 10, 2020]
He also reiterated the Government’s commitment to supporting the sugar industry and the rice industry.

“There are many opportunities that will unfold itself here in Region six within the next four months. We’ll be back here to give you a broad outline of the new opportunities that will be available here in Region six,” he said.

The President also used the opportunity to remind residents to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols and appealed to those present to “take the pandemic very seriously.”

During his visit to the communities, President Ali also presented sports equipment to several sports clubs in the various areas.

Meanwhile, the Head of State also visited C Field Sophia where he interacted with residents gathered at the Play Field.

He reminded the residents that his Government will work in the interest of all Guyanese to ensure that every family benefits from the country’s development.

President Irfaan Ali meeting with residents at C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown [Office of the President photo/ October 10, 2020]
“I want to bring the country together. You have a President who is willing to work with everyone. I did not want to send a message; I wanted to come here,” he said.

President Ali pledged too, that the community will see the implementation of projects to benefit the youth directly.

Towards this end, he announced that the three community grounds located in the community will be rehabilitated. He also assured that the community members will be integrally involved in these projects, which will create employment.

President Irfaan Ali meeting with residents at C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown [Office of the President photo/ October 10, 2020]
 “The young people will be employed by working on these development projects,” he said.

$3M has been earmarked for rehabilitation works on the Play Ground in ‘C’ Field which will see the construction of a bleacher and a sanitary block.

The President also announced that $100M has also be set aside for the provision of solar lighting and the enhancement of security in the area.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Kwame McCoy and Susan Rodrigues, Minister within The Ministry of Housing & Water joined the President as he met with residents in Sophia.

(Department of Public Information)

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