Rotary Club raises funds to cover radiation treatment for 15-Y-O cancer patient


The Rotary Club of Demerara has successfully raised $1.3M overnight to cover the cost of radiation therapy for 15-year-old Shaniece Manhoe who is suffering from a cancerous brain tumor.

The teen is currently a patient at the Cancer Institute of Guyana and her story was featured on the News Room on Monday after which the Rotary Club got involved to help her.

President of the Rotary Club of Demerara, Bhageshwar Murli, told the News Room that the sum was donated by more than 30 persons, including those who are not members.

“That’s part of our responsibility as Rotary; in accordance with our motto of service above self, we saw that this is an opportunity for us to show how much Rotary can contribute and save lives. So that is one thing that we pride ourselves in,” Murli said.

The $1.3M will cover 35 sessions of radiotherapy.

Murli said the sum will be paid directly to the Cancer Institute.

Shaniece Manhoe was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), which is a rare type of cancer that forms in soft tissue and most often affects children.

Her condition has worsened since it was first discovered in July 2019 that she had a brain tumor. After a biopsy showed that the tumor was cancerous, Shaniece underwent several sessions of Chemotherapy but that has stopped working, forcing doctors to pursue radiation therapy.

Currently, she is unable to see from her right eye where the tumor started.

On Monday, the teen’s mother, Shelly Balkarran, told the News Room that the tumor is moving to the left side of the face and as such, she is desperate to start the new treatment.

When contacted on Tuesday, Balkarran was elated at the support received.

“From the bottom of my heart, I must say thank you to everybody,” the mother said.

Speaking from a doctor’s office, she noted that as soon as the papers are finalized, the sessions will begin.

She said support was also received from the commercial banks, telephone companies and other businesses.

Anyone wishing to donate can contact Shelly Balkarran on +592- 692- 4045.

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