New power line from Edinburg to Tuschen to reduce blackouts, low voltage


The Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) is installing a new power line from Edinburg to Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo; it’s a project the company says will bring a more reliable supply of electricity in Region 3.

GPL’s Divisional Director of Operations Bharat Harjohn said the installation of the feeder is necessary since it will provide a parallel distribution line.

“At the Edinburg substation, we have one circuit coming all the way on the western side-all the way to Parika – and one circuit going on the eastern side close to Vreed-en-Hoop. So what we are doing is to add another circuit from Edinburg to Parika,” Harjohn is quoted by the Department of Public Information (DPI) as saying.

GPL Divisional Director of Operations, Bharat Harjohn (Photo: DPI)

A new circuit was put in place for the first phase of the project from Edinburg to Tuschen, while the second phase will progress to Parika.

The Operations Director said residents along the aforementioned communities stand to benefit from a reduction in power outages and low voltage.

“When having one line, we know when there is a fault closer to the source, all the customers along the line will be out of power. So, having an alternative line or a backup line, will definitely allow for transferring of power,” he explained.

Further, he said the additional circuit will reduce the impact of maintenance works on both households and businesses as the power interruptions will last for shorter periods.

Meanwhile, GPL Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Samaroo Ramtahal expressed confidence in the crew’s work on the project.

At the worksite, Mr. Ramtahal said “they are telling me they will get this work done [in] under eight hours. So, we are expecting, instead of eight hours, within six hours we should be able to repower up most of the neighbourhoods.”

GPL’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Samaroo Ramtahal (Photo: DPI)

Residents in the communities affected by the project were informed through various means, such as radio and television notices. This was relayed by GPL’s Public Relations Officer, Ms. Shevion Sears.

GPL’s project is in keeping with the Government’s manifesto promise to provide cheaper and more reliable electricity.

The project will facilitate economic growth as businesses will not face lengthy downtime due to power outages.

Likewise, households in the affected communities would be able to conduct day-to-day functions without major inconvenience.

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