New website to assist travelers as airports reopen


The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has launched a website to assist travelers to and from Guyana during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Persons are asked to visit the website on for all of their information and guidance on what is required to travel to Guyana in this period.

The website was created to provide a platform for visitors and travelers alike with valuable information that will allow for a hassle free and safe travel experience when coming to Guyana.

Deodat Indar, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, said in the early stages of the pandemic, especially in Guyana, persons were flustered as to where to get travel information.

“With this platform, persons can get all the information they need, this is the first of its kind and Guyana is definitely setting an example for the world to take note of,” he stated.

Minister with responsibility of the sector, Bishop Juan A. Edghill, Minister of Public Works commended the team at GCAA on a job well.  Knowledge is power and information gives you peace of mind, he stated.


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