Toshaos call for access to potable water in hinterland villages


Minister of Housing and Water the Collin Croal on Friday met with the Chairman and Executive Committee of the National Toshaos Council (NTC) to discuss issues affecting them.

The Chairman of the NTC, Toshao Nicholas Fredericks, explained that establishing a working relationship with the Ministry was important so as to resolve issues affecting the indigenous peoples. Usually, Ministers would meet with the toshoas at the National Toshaos’ Council (NTC) Conference.

Since the conference will not be held this year, the Council requested a meeting with the Minister to bring to the fore matters relating to the housing and water sector. Some of the issues included little to no access to potable water in a number of hinterland villages as well as the need for a housing programme.

Minister Croal welcomed the engagement, noting that it provided a platform for the council and its members to make representation for their people as Guyana as the rest of the world continue to grapple with the restrictions brought on by COVID-19.

Toshao Fredericks also used the opportunity to congratulate the Minister on his appointment and thanked him for meeting with the team.

Minister Croal committed to further engagements with the Council in an effort to keep them abreast of development plans for hinterland regions.

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