MovieTowne ‘Drive-In Movie Nights’ gets approval from National COVID-19 Task Force


MovieTowne Guyana in a social media post said it was granted approval by the National COVID-19 Task Force to host its ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ this weekend.

“Great news moviegoers! In a joint effort with the National COVID-19 Task Force and MovieTowne, we are happy to announce that provisional was granted for our Drive-In Movies Nights. This pioneering effort by MovieTowne will bring our Guyanese people yet again awesome entertainment for the entire family,” the post stated.

Director of the COVID-19 Task Force Col. Nazrul Mohamed in a letter to the establishment on Thursday said that the COVID-19 guidelines “prohibits hosting of cinema events at paragraph 2.”
As a result, MovieTowne was informed that it had to obtain a written approval.

The MovieTowne ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ is widely advertised on social media to be hosted in the Mall’s parking lot.

Parking is said to be available for 100 vehicles on a ‘First come, first served’ basis. Movie audio will be accessed through vehicle radio for which the frequency will be provided on entry.

According to the advertisement, while food will be on sale and washrooms are provided, strict COVID guidelines are in effect.

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