Murder in gold mines: Miner stabbed to head, throat


Police are investigating the murder of 33-year-old miner who was reportedly stabbed to the head and throat early Sunday morning in the Cuyuni gold mines.

Dead is Allensford Consford Sargon. Police said he worked at Quartz Stone backdam in the Cuyuni River.

Police are on the hunt for the man suspected of killing him. Sargon was employed by another miner. According to the employer he paid Sargon Saturday night at about 21:00h and Sargon left the camp and headed for Quartz Stone landing.

At about 04:30h the next day, the employer said he was awakened by someone who told him that he saw the suspect kill Sargon at the front of his shop.

The Police were called to the scene where the body was examined and found two incised wounds to Sargon’s head and throat.

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  1. Matthew says

    Backdam full of drugs these days…..the old school pork-knocker disappeared. They were real men and they did not harm the environment…

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