Tears as President Ali immediately fulfils wish of young girl to continue learning


When single mother Shelly Drugan heard that President Irfaan Ali would be meeting with citizens in Berbice Friday, she was determined to get to that meeting; but she didn’t bargain for the emotional moment when her wish for an electronic device for her daughter to continue learning online would be fulfilled in a jiffy.

Drugan’s eight-year-old daughter, Tashmini Sewah, is a student of the Port Mourant Primary School.  But Drugan explained that because of COVID-19 and the end of face to face learning at school, she has been at her wits end to make sure her daughter continues learning.

With no electronic device to receive instructions to students by teachers, Drugan resorted to using her neighbour’s phone so she could know what lessons her daughter had to work on.

President Irfaan Ali interacts with eight-year-old Tashmini Sewah (Photo: DPI/November 13, 2020)

Once the situation was explained to the President, without hesitation, he promised to take care of it – and he did – within minutes.

Drugan was moved to tears as she expressed appreciation. Little Tashmini, for her part, was extremely excited and happy to receive the tablet and she was especially overjoyed that she met the President.

The brave and eloquent student said she recognises the hard work her mother puts into caring for her and she wants to study hard to become a doctor so she can take care of her mother in the future.

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