IKO Karate Academy of Guyana launches official website


The International Karate Organisation Academy of Guyana has launched its official website that is accessible at the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), more commonly known as the web address at www.ikoacademygy.org.

According to the World Karate governing body, the International Karate Organisation that is headquartered in Florida, USA, the new site has been designed to “allow for a positive user experience for its present and incoming Karatekas in Guyana” and is intended to “strengthen its status as the premier karate organisation in that South American territory.”

“We are thrilled to launch our new portal for Guyana,” said IKO President Shihan Adrian Ellis 8th Dan Black Belt. “It is part of the IKO’s growth strategy; we are proud to present this dynamic online resource to the people of that country.”

The website, which has an intuitive layout, reflects the organisation’s innovative essence with the ability to share all of the site’s content on its other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It contains excellent photographic and video features and is jam packed with karate information on its content sections, including recent events, plans and programmes for the future of karate in Guyana, and club activities.

The website has been described as “fresh and modern” by Shihan Jeffrey Wong, 7th Degree Black Belt, who is the Chairman and Chief Instructor of the IKO Karate Academy of Guyana.

Senior Karatekas of the IKO Karate Academy demonstrating a Kata to students in an open air setting, which they are currently utilising as part of measures to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 to their students and instructors

He said that ikoacademygy.org “best represents our interests in technical excellence and innovation; and is the culmination of the hard work that we have put in to deliver a website that can inspire Guyanese of all walks of life, all ages, all genders, and all backgrounds to join the martial art and combat sport of karate-do and acquire its benefits.”

The IKO welcomes students from the ages of four to 104, he quipped.

Karate practice strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities, and more self-confidence. It also strengthens the entire body, improves coordination, quickens reflexes, builds stamina and overall health.

Wong said that ikoacademy.org will act as our gateway to all Guyanese, and will further demonstrate that the IKO Karate Academy of Guyana is the leading, and most advanced Karate-do organisation in Guyana.

The website has been optimised to work on all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones and other handheld devices.

The launch of this website comes at a time when karatekas from all over the world are preparing to compete at the next Olympic Games, scheduled for 2021 in Tokyo as the sport of Karate-do makes its debut at these world games.

It should be noted that Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate-do.

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