EU says Guyana can be fully reconciled, stands ready to support and not impose


Head of the European Union Delegation in Guyana, Ambassador Ponz Cantó has once again pledged the EU’s support to Guyana in the areas of fostering political reconciliation and inclusiveness.

The recommitment of the EU’s assistance in this regard came on Thursday during the release of $19.8 billion to Guyana for budget support, which was stalled because of the absence of parliamentary oversight since the passage of the No-Confidence Motion in December 2018.

“You know as well as I do, and probably better than I do, that in Guyana, there is a lot of frustration over the five months or more of political and post-electoral crisis,” the EU Ambassador said while pointing out that the country was politically divided months beyond the March 02, 2020 elections.

“I think that reconciliation is necessary and possible.

“I have to say that over the five-month [election] impasse that a large majority of Guyanese across the political divide wanted a democratic and peaceful solution,” the diplomat said.

The EU Ambassador noted that it is time for Guyana to look towards the future as a unified country, noting that the EU stands ready to support Guyana in reaching its full potential.

“As friends of Guyana, we would like to see Guyanese fully reconciled…inclusiveness is related to that so that everybody benefits from the prosperity that can come to Guyana,” he said.

Asked about the EU’s particular offer in this regard, the Ambassador told reporters at his Bel Air Springs residence on Thursday that while the EU stands by the side of Guyana and offers peculiar support, it does not intend to impose.

He reminded that the EU has already met with President Irfaan Ali and discussed the issue along with other members of his government.

“There are many good ideas and some we will support… we operate always under the principle that Guyana decides what it wants to do and what kinds of reform and when we consider if it is worth to support, then we will do everything to support them,” he added.

The EU Ambassador reiterated that the EU support will depend on what reforms Guyana decides to undertake.

When the question was put to President Ali, who was present at the event, he said reconciliation is a very wide and complex issue but said his government is committed to the process.

The President said it is not only one set of reforms and laws that will guide reconciliation.

“It is system and programmes and structure of the budget that is critical for achieving this,” he added.

The President said while Guyana is engaging the EU, it is also in talks with other multilateral and bilateral partners on various issues that have a direct and indirect bearing on inclusivity and reconciliation.

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