12 graduate from Cottage Industry initiative training programme

- Training also provided on individual rights and the law, domestic violence


Twelve women were beaming with pride as they received certificates for successfully completing the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s Garment and Accessories Cottage Industry five-week training programme that empowered them with the requisite knowledge to start or grow their respective businesses.

The graduation ceremony was held at the New Opportunity Corps’ Boardroom, Onderneeming, Pomeroon–Supenaam, (Region Two) Tuesday afternoon.

The graduates were: Tarmattie Etwarie; Madawattie Lall; Morliwattie; Chandroutie Mahadeo; Gaitree Samlall; Mahadai Das; Camlawattie Persaud; Chandrawattie Dayal; Mahandai Mangal; Indrani Doodnauth; Satyawatie Nankoo and Rohinie Chandika.

This milestone represented the first batch of participants to be trained under the Cottage Industry pilot project, which was launched on October 19, 2020.  The project was envisaged by Dr Vindhya Persaud, the subject minister, to commission individuals to sew facemasks for government entities while simultaneously creating job opportunities for both men and women.

One of the women display her design (Photo: Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

The training workshops were designed to support individual and group development with the provision of training in business literacy and micro-enterprise development, individual rights and the law, suicide, anger management, conflict resolution, gender issues and domestic violence.

Minister Persaud congratulated the women and was impressed when she examined the new business ventures and products on display. “Your efforts demonstrated that the training sessions were effective, and you have all maximized what you learned over past the five weeks.”

“They were meticulously crafted with you in mind to ensure that we presented all the areas we thought you needed to take you to the next step which included owning your own business, setting up your small micro-enterprise businesses or developing yourself….and all of these things have enabled you to become financially independent,” Minister Persaud stated.

“What I see before me are skilled and talented women and I am optimistic that other women will be inspired.”

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Vindhya Persaud hands over the certificate to one of the women

A wide variety of vegetarian meat products made from local ingredients; baby clothing; pot holders, among other products were on display, and while engaging the women one-one-one, Minister Persaud challenged them to continue in an upward trajectory and to sharpen their business skills.

“This should not be the end of it, continue to develop products that will fill the voids that are existent in your respective communities. Ensure your products are sustainable. Develop confidence in yourselves, and mark your spot,” she charged.

Over the next few days, graduations will be held in Regions 3, 4 and 6 with over 80 participants receiving certificates.

Meanwhile, Minister Persaud commended the facilitators for their roles in ensuring the training sessions were entertaining and informative. She acknowledged the hard work of Adel Lilly, Sandra Thompson, Patrick Findlay, Sanjay Yohan Pooran, Navita Shivdayal, Diego Alphonso, Kester Harding and Hymawattie Lagan. (Modified press release from Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

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