Torginol Paints celebrates its sixth decade in business


The pioneers of the paint industry in Guyana, and the flagship of the Continental Group of Companies, Torginol Paints Inc. is celebrating 60 years of service to the Guyanese public. As it marks this milestone anniversary, the Guyanese-owned company reflects on its many accomplishments and contributions to the local manufacturing and commercial sectors.

Torginol Paints, which offers a range of decorative, industrial, furniture, and other finishes under the Arbo and Torga brands, said the last six decades were spent in constant pursuit of innovation and improvement. What began as an investment of G$4,500 in 1960 (the cost of the rights to manufacture and market Torginol products from its German parent company) is now Guyana’s preferred paint choice, boasting a 70% market share.

Apart from being the residential consumer’s preference (7 out of 10 homes use Torginol Paints), the company’s products have also been entrusted to protect enduring icons in Guyanese architecture, such as the Bank of Guyana, St. George’s Cathedral, the National Library, Parliament Buildings, and many other Government buildings. It has also been the paint of choice used in the maintenance of Guyana’s main transport vessels: the MV Makouria, MV Malali, and MV Torani.

Torginol’s reputation for innovation began as early as the 1960s, when it was the first paint manufacturing company in Guyana to offer custom paint tinting: an instant customer favourite that endures today. Since then, Torginol has continued to improve on this feature and, over the past decade, made considerable investments in cutting-edge technologies such as colour-matching equipment from X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in colour science and technology.

Torginol has also kept abreast with changing trends worldwide, which demands new and different finishes and textures. The company has made significant investments in new machinery and equipment, and has introduced new lines such as the textured coating under the Torgatex – Textured Finish Coating line.

Over the past decade, the Group has pioneered the use of environmentally responsible industry solutions in its business practices. It has installed a wastewater clarification system, which removes suspended solids from the manufacturing processes’ wastewater, ensuring safe discharge into the sewage system, without causing pollution.

Torginol Paints has also found innovative ways to produce coatings that use zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are eco-friendly, have less odour, and are better paint options for the chemical-sensitive consumer.

Torginol prides itself on delivering premium customer service and offers free technical advice to its customers through telephone, social media and site visits. The company has also expanded its physical presence to enhance its availability to its customers countrywide, with outlets and distribution centres in Georgetown (Regent and Alexander Streets, Regent and Hinks Streets), Berbice (89 Public Road, North Haswell, Port Mourant, Corentyne), and Essequibo (11, Columbia). The Group’s manufacturing facilities are based at 9-12 Industrial Site, Ruimveldt.

The Group maintains a commitment to the training, development, and safety of its 240 plus employees, 99% of whom are Guyanese. This includes investing in knowledge transfer with international consultants to encourage learning and growth opportunities for the local staff.

The Group also frequently exercises corporate social responsibility by continually sponsoring and donating to local projects and initiatives, with an emphasis on supporting local talent. Over the years, the Group, under its different brands, has sponsored budding athletes, as well as tournaments in sports such as football, badminton, golf, motor racing, and horse racing.

Over the past 60 years, the Continental Group of Companies has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality and value. Today, the Group proudly remains family- and Guyanese-owned, with its founder S.K. Puri’s son, Rakesh Puri, providing hands-on leadership. With more than 240 employees, the Continental Group of Companies is one of Guyana’s largest companies and producer of some of its most valuable brands. Now that Guyana has embarked on a new journey as an oil-producing nation, the Group looks forward to continuing to impact the market with its hallmark, industry-leading innovation, paired with exceptional product performance.

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